PSU : Power Supply unit is the basic building block for a stable rig. If multiple GPU’s are used a good power supply unit is the key since the rig is designed to operate continuously with very high power consumption.

Understanding Outputs from PSU.

Standard PSU output will have the following connectors

  • 24 Pin connector for connecting to motherboard
  • 4 +4 EPS connector for mother board
  • 6 Pin Peripherials and SATA
  • 6 + 2 Pin PCIe (GPU’s are connected to PCIe)

Note : When you buy a PSU and decide to have multiple GPU’s always look for PSU that have multiple PCIe slots are cables are output. I am not referring to daisy chained PCIe cable but rather multiple PCIe out from the PSU.

Beginners always tend to confuse PCIe cable and EPS cable used for connecting to CPU. They are 2 different cables and should be used only for specific purposes. There are some EPS connectors availalbe in the market using which GPU’s can be connected but for the same of simplicity and stability avoid using those cables.

If you try to use CPU cable in GPU slot , GPU will be definitely damaged , as the power supply pins and the ground pins for both cables are totally different and they are reverse. Do not try this.


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